Occupy, BABE

Everyone in this room understands what it is to build a business and to struggle against the realities of our nation’s economy. I suppose it is selfish to assume that all people don’t also have this knowledge and experience, that all lives don’t lead to the same logical location.

I am willing to admit it, to say the admiration I have for this group of brave strangers. I see something very special in this room. The way I see it, the people here have a particular inner vision of themselves and are forced by this natural focus to make an endeavor out of being themselves.

And to me this is what American is; to see oneself and to make of that approximation an innovation, an idea, a sprit whose physical being, an entity whose tendrils may grown and arranged as the art of living life. To take a venture and judge by its successes and failures the direction ones life should take.

The Occupy Wall Street people, they see the risk in this rendition of a purposeful life; that the entity created is by design a multiplication of the creator’s power and this can be dangerously unwieldy.

What I want the world to see, what I want the Occupy movement to focus on is the reality at play in business’s on this scale. Bead makers. Very few if any businesses in this room turn any real profit. They make sixty grand a year in sales but they spend every dime in the pursuit. Dividends returned by these businesses are more subtle than dollars per share.

The ability to see and invest in these subtleties is the strength of future America. What is produced here is faith. Strength. Belief. Each of the people praying to make profit in this room have come to such a place because they want to be themselves, to physically make something of their lives.

Glass beads are a pretty short and narrow slice of the American economy but, here we all are, on the fight. Entrepreneurial self-sufficiency is the pursuit of happiness for 21st century America. Every pot a chicken, every heart a dream.

America: be yourself. Wake with the will to wage forward towards dreams. Make of yourself something simple, believe because you can see what you have made real. Labor strong with the pride of practiced self determination.


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