California caries on in the heat, Rocky Mountain Bead Society

Yesterday was so hot that my expectations for a cool and comfortable day today have totally melted away; if it stays under a hundred, I’ll count myself lucky.

In the kiln from yesterday . . . . not too much.


First session.

Konnie and I start the morning by executing the shop chores list. Tumblers and toaster, flat lap and sand blaster. There has been a lot of work around here to improve product color brightness and distance perception of patterning and much of the work has been confusing or just full on fruitless. However, heading into finishing today, some glass work that shows signs of progress.


I head into the office answering emails and etsy communications, this takes very long. I spend a good bit of time making sure my shop Facebook page has its photos up to date, the Facebook thing is a nightmare to keep organized. I book flight and hotel for ISGB.

Konnie makes twenty one links for Mississippi and the look much improved. I’m ending her time with this group. I don’t get near to everything done that need doing in the office but I evict me from there too.

Second session.

Konnie photos, edits, lists and fresh and for sale for four items. She heads into the shop where she makes a piece of prep for CA cylinders.

I finish coloring a large chino prep from yesterday, I pull that into chino and produce a fake filigrano. I cut out and assemble from this prep a four inch three by ten prep for vessel. I FAIL the prep and mam forced to change tact, pulling the prep to narrow diameter for ring and bead stock.

It’s hot. Very hot.

Below, what was to be my vessel. It’s impossible to tell form this photo but my skill at making better material choices is improving. If I could only get my lampworking skills to match, I’d be all set.


Third session

I keep on the CA thing, finishing my prep, making two disk beads and two rings; maybe, I don’t know. I make a one off prep for a DB and then make another one off prep getting it as far as pod at end of shift.

Konnie finishes the prep she had left from last session, makes a chino pull, makes another prep gets through half of that.

Forth session

Konnie and I spend what time we can straightening up the place in advance of today’s Rocky Mountain Bead Society meeting being hosted here at the studio.

Below, corn and asparagus for visiting bead lovers. To be grill cooked.


We work until visitors start to show at about seven and then pack it in.

In the kiln from today, some stuff.


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