Advil, Vermont & Arizona

Well, ‘back’ in the studio after a week plus being off the bench due to pain and discomfort, I’m inserted to see how things work out for me today. Either I start working my ass off here this morning and producing dollars or me, my business and all those am responsible for are in a lot of trouble.

I have been both resting and exercising, I’ve made further adjustments to my diet and lifestyle to help things along, I’m iced and full of Advil. And I know for sure my back’s not right. Worrisome.

Below, my little friend


First session.

Konnie starts off in the office, shipping two that came in over the week end – thank good ness for them. She renews some expired listings, which if you don’t know are lowered in price by ten percent of five dollars whichever is more, so there are some deals out there. I write up the daily report for Friday that I failed to post.

I the shop, I clean out the one tumbler from Friday with Konnie ball beads in them. On the bench, Konnie completes two sets of Vermont cylinders and I make two AZ rings.

I feel okay. Not very comfortable and the work I’m making reflects that. But it’s a start.

Second session

Konnie reports that she might have finished three sets in VT cylinders; Vermont, Konnie says, isn’t the most interesting group of product to make.

I continue with the AZ rings, getting three or four more into the kiln. My back feel very tight and there is some pain in my hips, lower back but give that I think I feel pretty good. I think I should expect myself to be irking normally.

Third session

Konnie reports another three sets in the kiln. I keep on my deal with the rings and I have no idea what’s been made only that some of the glass made has really irked me the hell out. I don’t like when the material doesn’t do what it’s told. It annoying. It’s like ninety in here, I’m sweating bullets, my back is half past my ass and the amber purple is getting all lippy, a circumstance I would normally approach with another cup of coffee and a heavy chain of cigarettes but, to all the fire in hell, I’m off the smokes and the doc say easy on the coffee.

Monday. If only tobacco and coffee were good for me. I’d be the healthiest bastard to poke his head above the earth’s curve. Instead, I’m limping around my own glass shop like Hendrix at Betty Ford.

Forth session

Konnie reports three sets and four loose in the kiln from this session, she is unsure there things are at total wise for the day, her plan is to assess the count for VT cylindars in the morning and make choices as to where she wants to go from there.

I put a few more AZ rings into the kiln this session, I have no idea where I am at with this item but it doesn’t matter, in the morning I have to move on to NY coil DBs.

I’m running a short item menu here until post ISGB, maybe I have to go longer than that, but with me on the IR, Konnie less a car and this business short two weeks manpower it’s the right move.

For a Monday and having a less than chipper lumbar or what ever the hell it’s called, I say today was good. I’m happy. I’m thankful to be back in my shop. Where I should be.

Below, thank god, a decent kiln from this place for once in a long time.


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